Reducing Taxes and Government Spending 

As a legislator, Mike’s efforts have helped to create a budget surplus without raising taxes. In addition, Mike’s business experience enables him to work with others to eliminate unnecessary government spending while streamlining and improving essential services to lower taxpayer costs and provide tax relief to those who need it most.

Promoting Responsible Growth

We must allow the economy to grow to support existing small businesses while bringing more jobs to help our families thrive. Responsible growth will help fuel our economy and protect our communities. In addition, through careful infrastructure planning, we will spend less time in traffic and more time with our families. As a representative, Mike helped bring multiple entities together and finalized approval for a much-needed east/west corridor in Highland. Mike will continue prioritizing good infrastructure plans to benefit Utahns and plan for our future.


Our students deserve an excellent education. Mike understands that parents, teachers, and local school boards should be the primary drivers of education. Mike continues to work to ensure proper funding while supporting parental rights and teachers to prepare students to succeed.

Defending Life and Individual Liberty 

Mike understands the proper role of government. He has a proven conservative record of defending religious liberty, the right to life, parental rights, free speech, our Second Amendment, and our property rights. Protecting these liberties is essential to a limited, free, and prosperous state.


Mike will continue looking for ways to improve Utah’s economy. He has fought for and helped deliver tax relief while rolling back excessive government spending. Mike continues working to support small businesses while making it easier to work from home, start new businesses, and support creative technologies to help our state economy.